Looney Tunes World of Mayhem


Player vs. player insanity with all your favorite toons

I’ve being working on this title since I started at Aquiris Game Studio as a Senior Software Engineer in late 2016. The project was in development for the past 3 years and, after 1 year of soft launch, it was released globally on December 2018. The game was published by the American publisher Scopely and it was well received by the players, putting the game on the top charts for its genre around the world. The game is now on a live operation phase, with new features and content constantly delivered to millions of players.


The game, developed using Unity (C#), is one of the largest projects ever developed in Brazil with a team of 50+ professionals from different areas. I worked on almost every part of the game and developed a native plugin for OS specific integrations. Besides coding I also have a key role in this project as a technical leader and one of my duties is to ensure that our technical KPIs are good, such as crash/error rate, loading times and CPU/memory usage. I’m also responsible for:

  • Technical specification of complex features;
  • Help junior developers with their features;
  • Optimize the game for low/mid end devices;
  • Track down and fix live issues;
  • Configure our CDI;
  • And, of course, a lot of coding!

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